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Field of Screams

Freaks Visited Field of Screams located in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Upon pulling into the parking lot the smell of fog and pyro filled the beautiful night air.

We checked in for our passes and were greeted by the owner himself and treated to a full buffet for hospitality night. We tried some delicious food then made our way to the first haunt of the night.

The Haunted Hayride:

Is always one of the best feature of any haunt and FOS does not skimp on their scenes. Rather than rely on IP themed they always create fresh scenes of their own. The generous use of animatronics and misdirection make their hay ride one of the top in the region!

Next we headed to the The Nocturnal Wasteland: Wasteland is always on of the coolest walk throughs the use of old buses and chain link fence woven high about the hayride in the trees makes for a scare that preys on people's fear of heights. Adding a few new scenes and jam packing it with scare actors put this attraction on the top of our list.

Our next attraction, after a short break in their midway for some zombie themed games.

The Asylum:

Set behind huge iron gates a-skewed open sits the Asylum. Entering you immediately enter the

basement of the building where your senses are tested from all angles. Stumbling through rooms with moving floors and bounce house like floors added a huge element of unsureness to what lay behind the next turn. All and all the Asylum was definitely a full assault on the senses!

The Den of Darkness:

Set inside an old farm house also behind some rough looking iron gates. You enter through an old carriage house greeted by blood illuminated doors and broken windows on a cobblestone floor, and this is just the queue to get in!

Once inside you are treated to multiple rooms with false walls, moving floors and some of the most intricate scenes put together. From crawling through a fireplace down a cattle chute to a pitch black room with the echoes of chainsaws nearing, the Den of Darkness is always the groups favorite.

To sum up, Field of Screams definitely returned this year swinging for the fences with added scenes, merch, and boat loads of more scare actors and yes of course more chainsaws!!!!!

Freaks out,


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